Breakthrough in G2G digital communication

We have a plan on how to migrate from the paper era to the digital era. 


These days buzz eGovernment, GDPR, identity, data privacy, Wiki leaks... Our world faces real challenges. Real need to identify citizens, real need to ease state administration, real need to defend democracy, real need to be hybrid threads resistant. Another challenge is the migration to the digital era. We have a plan on how to migrate from the paper era to the digital era.

A word from the authors

Since 2008, Czech Republic government approached the challenge of smart administration its own way. Within four year the grounds of eGovernment were laid. The “Czech way” which embeds the migration tools from paper to digital world allows the coexistence of paper and digital administration and the transition from one to another.

Common features for all versions of ROBON®


Security is the cornerstone of each information system; in case such system should be taken seriously. Moreover, governmental systems became targets of hybrid wars.

ROBON is secure by design. All parts of the application were designed and built from a scratch to meet all reasonably required security standards. Security of user identity and authenticity is similar to internetbanking systems. Data transfers are encrypted by customer’s choice of encryption. Vulnerabilities of traditional email systems is eliminated by different architecture.

ROBON is compliant with eIDAS security recommendation.

Similarly designed application runs for more than 10 years without any security breach despite of being under attacks on daily basis.


Document management systems (DMS) are implemented in most of countries. Why then ROBON?

DMS implementation is mostly done in central agencies, where the number of documents is large and DMS is the only way how to handle the number of documents. DMS systems, (although there might be implemented centrally and regulated by law) for a good reason might be governmental agency specific. DMS systems are not implemented in small governmental agencies, typically in small municipalities.

ROBON interconnects ALL governmental agencies while protecting particular agency specifics and investments.

ROBON as an eGovernment asynchronous Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) interconnects governmental administration in one communication structure with trusted documents and data messaging.

It is advised to build as soon as possible testing environment including DMS API, make API available to DMS developers, discuss with them how to connect DMS to ROBON. It is necessary to allow enough time to test DMS connections to ROBON before launching production environment of ROBON.

Remember: User experience of DMS users must remain unchanged after connection of DMS to ROBON.


We are quite flexible in terms of financing.

To share some experience, it makes a good sense to implement ROBON in indicated phases, e.g., to implement first ROBON Core Services, then ROBON Advanced Services. It is important to know, that G2G communication as well as the communication G2B and G2C should be paid by the government. B2B and B2C communication should be paid by the sending or receiving party. (E. g., bank may want to pay the incoming messages for its clients.

Thus, we would recommend to finance ROBON I. using CAPEX/OPEX model, ROBON II. on performance and/or revenue sharing basis.


We expect to cooperate with local partners.

We would expect local IT partners to provide communication and hardware infrastructure, L1 support staff. We expect local law firm to support local legislation compliance.

Cooperation with local electronic means of identification is definite prerequisite.


It is the customer who has to own the solution completely. In ubiquitous hybrid war, national digital sovereignty becomes the cornerstone of country’s defense. ROBON is secured by design, which means among others that ROBON architecture expects it is the customer who seeds own cryptographic mechanism into ROBON framework. Not only us as ROBON authors can tamper with transferred data content, much less someone else. Registered and authorized users are usually the biggest and difficult to control thread, ROBON’s audit mechanism can handle also this danger.
Get ROBON – get safe.


Governance: message and control

Regardless of the type of governance, in the very detail one clerk messages the other clerk and wants to be sure the message is delivered and heard.

  • ROBON delivers the message instantly.
  • ROBON makes the sender sure the recipient receives the message.
  • ROBON proves the recipient has opened the message.
  • ROBON disables the recipient to refuse the receipt of message.
  • ROBON brings control over the messaging – brings control over the governance.
  • No mores “It has not arrived yet”, “It might be in the post”, “I have not received your letter, sir”.

Get ROBON! Streamline your governance!

Governance: streamlined by ROBON®

Regardless of the type of governance, phases of governance decision are:
Proposed – Checked – Approved - Released

  • This can mean four messages sent in a form of letter, verified email, plain email… 

  • ROBON shortens the time of delivery, reduces the cost, saves paper, and most of all, force accountability of sender and recipient.

  • ROBON targets messaging of documents with Unique Document Identification Number, e.g., legal governance messaging.

Imagine shortening each governmental decision latency time by three days!

Governance: team with experts

From creators of Databox Information System and Czech POINT System, famous Czech eGovernment solutions, arrives new technological solution: ROBON.

Czech privately held companies DATASYS, NEWPS.CZ and Software602 have taken the best practice from previous long—term experience to bring on the market breakthrough hybrid delivery solution, already implemented in cooperation with local system integrators in Southeast Europe region on the late of 2020.

Over 1 million DataBoxes, over 900 million messages sent/received, close to 2 billion documents attached and taken care of for 12 years.




ROBON eDelivery Core Platform

Trusted communication for all officials in government offices and municipalities

Data Boxes for all government offices and municipalities, Gov eID   authentication to the Data Box, delegating the mandate of natural persons for communication on behalf of the organization

ROBON® Advanced Services I

ROBON Customized Security

Special participant’s registration procedures

Special participant’s authentication and/or electronic identity means

Qualified remote signature without tokens and chip cards with central administration of certificates

G2G & G2B & G2C


ROBON eDelivery Extended Platform

Plus trusted communication between the state and business entities or citizens

Data boxes for companies, entrepreneurs, citizens, Mobile key for citizens and / or entrepreneurs (easy authentication to the Data Box using smartphones), eFormFilling (Designer of electronic forms for government offices for receiving structured data from published eForms)

ROBON® Advanced Services II

ROBON Digital Bridge

An official authorized to verify and legalization behind the counter.

ROBON Hybrid Gateway

Hybrid Mailing Provider extends the ROBON with the function of hybrid electronic registered delivery by simple sending of data messages on the sender's side with delivery to the addressee directly to his data box or by a physically registered letter.