ROBON® Levels

ROBON is designed to be implemented in various level. These address the needs of G2G communication (Level 1.0), G2B communication (Level 2.0) and G2C communication (Level 3.0). The reason is our experience with customer’s ability to adopt changes in communication behaviour of ROBON participants. Certainly, customer may choose to jump start with Level 3.0., our experience recommends customers go rather step by step from the Level 1.0., though.




ROBON eDelivery Core Platform

Trusted communication for all officials in government offices and municipalities

Data Boxes for all government offices and municipalities, Gov eID   authentication to the Data Box, delegating the mandate of natural persons for communication on behalf of the organization

ROBON Advanced Services I

ROBON Customized Security:

Special participant’s registration procedures

Special participant’s authentication and/or electronic identity means

Qualified remote signature without tokens and chip cards with central administration of certificates



ROBON eDelivery Extended Platform

Plus trusted communication between the state and business entities or citizens

Data boxes for companies, entrepreneurs, citizens, Mobile key for citizens and / or entrepreneurs (easy authentication to the Data Box using smartphones), eFormFilling (Designer of electronic forms for government offices for receiving structured data from published eForms)

ROBON Advanced Services II

ROBON Digital Bridge

An official authorized to verify and legalization behind the counter.

ROBON Hybrid Gateway

Hybrid Mailing Provider extends the ROBON with the function of hybrid electronic registered delivery by simple sending of data messages on the sender's side with delivery to the addressee directly to his data box or by a physically registered letter.