References - application of the ROBON® system

ROBON is a result of more than ten years development experience of its creators. ROBON did not take twelve years of programming, it took twelve years to understand the processes in public administration, to understand the needs of business to government electronic communication, cyber-security, as well as understanding how an “ordinary person” (sometimes nicknamed lamer or newbie) is willing to use public information systems. Below please find reference to two ROBON direct predecessors.


ISDS (Information system of Databoxes) is direct predecessor of ROBON Data & Document Messaging. Operational since 2009 it represents not only implementation of Section 4 and Chapter 7 of eIDAS, but it became the main trusted communication channel between governmental agencies but also between the businesses and private individuals and state. One billion transferred messages, what else you need to know?


Mailbox x Databox? Mailox & Databox!


Czech POINT (which is an acronym for Czech national submission, verification, and information terminal) is a direct predecessor of ROBON Digital Bridge. Operational since 2007, it spans from cities to villages, post offices and foreign countries’ embassies with the total count of point-of-services exceeds 7,100.