ROBON® I Core Services

ROBON Core Services includes the basic Services around the core of ROBON. Trusted eDelivery of Data and Documents, use of governmental eID to identify and authenticate users. Other not so apparent service set which support trust of delivery mechanism, audit, taking care of message longevity. Anti-virus checks and similar functions to make sure customer can trust ROBON.


ROBON eDelivery is the basic G2G communication platform.

Electronic registered delivery service performs as per eIDAS Regulation delivers digital documents and/or structured data sets to Data Box. Accessible via web based / mobile app portal using electronic ID or API for 3rd party document management applications.

Trusted delivery

Do you need to be sure that sent documents are delivered to the recipient? ROBON works with data boxes for authorities, legal entities and individuals, to which multiple accounts of individuals or applications can have an access. Data Messages are sent in the form of a "sealed envelope" with attachments (documents or structured data) and a system of delivery notes and deliveries with an electronic seal and time stamp. All transmissions and data are encrypted.

Do you need to be sure who the sender was? ROBON works with a digital ID (with substantial or high level of assurance) with the management of mandates and the dynamic assignment of roles within the access of users to the Data Box. With ROBON, clerks or businesses or citizens know what the authority of the sender is.

Electronic signatures are issued remotely to each ROBON account with eID access (for applications of legal entities electronic seals) to the Data Box. Documents that are sent within a Data Message are signed by the user as easily as adding a text signature to an e-mail.

Regardless of the type of governance, in the very detail one clerk messages the other clerk and wants to be sure the message is delivered and heard.

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