ROBON® I Advanced Services

ROBON Advance Services includes such service, which is required by a bit more experienced ROBON users. Standalone services of this set could be implemented in customized configuration, they are not dependent one on the other.

ROBON® Advanced Services

ROBON Advance Services improve the security of the complete ecosystem of ROBON participant’s lifecycle management and data message & document lifecycle management. It includes: ROBON® Customized Security and ROBON® eSigning/eSealing.

Customized Security

ROBON is secured by design. It also means the participant’s registration process is designed customer as well as the implementation and usage of special (customer’s controlled) electronic identification and authentications means.


Qualified certificate is set up for an individual upon request sent in Data Message after logging in with their eID (means of electronic identification according to the eIDAS regulation). The administration provides life cycle services for the issued certificate for the natural person (revocation, issuing a new one to the existing one). eSigning/eSealing complies with the eIDAS Regulation, qualified certificates (valid for min. 1 year, max. 3 years) are managed on certified HSM devices located in the ROBON security perimeter which are registered on the EU Trusted Lists (qualified devices for creating electronic signatures), a security log is kept on all operations with electronic signatures. Documents are signed in the WebApp without the need to install drivers for smart cards or tokens. The electronic signature on a PDF document can be visualized in the WebApp (signature, etc.) and placed on any page or position. For high security when signing a document, the second factor is the individual's ROBON account (in the WebApp Portal Settings interface) paired with the ROBON Key mobile app for Android/iOS devices. The app works on the same principle as the mobile key payment confirmation in internet.

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