ROBON® II Advanced Services

ROBON II. Advanced Services are extension to the set of services used primarily in communication between government agencies and businesses and/or citizens. These services represent further integration of ROBON® into the ecosystem of communication in the country.

ROBON® Hybrid Gateway

ROBON Hybrid Services include extended set of services targeted to bridge the digital world with the one using the documents in paper form and/or delivering materialized items, typically when shipment includes electronic and materialized part. ROBON Hybrid Mailing provider allows sender to send message to multiple receivers on fire-on-forget principle, ROBON automatically send a message in electronic form to the ROBON users mailboxes and converted to the paper form to the ParcelBox. ROBON ParcelBox is a physical locker box set, which materialized part of ROBON shipment is delivered to.

  1. ROBON Hybrid Gateway extends the ROBON with the function of hybrid electronic registered delivery by simple sending of data messages on the sender's side with delivery to the addressee directly to his data box or by a physically registered letter.
  2. Hybrid mailing allows governmental clerk to “fire-and-forget” data message in situation when message is addressed to multiple addressees, some of them have the Data Box (are ROBON users) and some of the do not have the Data Box (are not ROBON users. This is common scenario in many agendas.
  3. ROBON Contactless Delivery is COVID—19 savvy physical delivery Point-of-Service. Automatic ParcelBox® accepts parcels, letters, virtually any fit-in-the-box physical item, which is delivered with the ROBON level of care. 24 x 7 365 monitoring, tracking notifications to both sender and recipient. It can be placed near any governmental office, bank, shopping mall. Sensitive data can be delivered to Data Box, sensitive letters to ParcelBox.

ROBON® Digital Bridge

ROBON Digital Bridge (RDB) serves as digital divide bridge between electronic and paper form of documents RDB is a point-of-service where citizen is assisted by trusted governmental clerk. RDB performs so called Authorize Conversion.

  1. Digital message to paper form of the document performed by the authorized governmental clerk (signed and stamped)
  2. Paper form of the document converted to the data message which is send to the addressee by the governmental clerk

Digital bridge may serve to the governmental office as well. It is common, that many agendas are administered (especially in territorial governmental offices) in paper form only. Digital bridge allows to receive data message in digital form, convert this data message to the paper form, process the respective agenda, convert the final decision and/or resolution to the digital form and send it out electronically as a data message.

  1. Unique to the Czech eGovernment authorized conversion (as per Art. 22-26, Act 300/2008 Coll. On electronic acts and authorized conversion allows hybrid coexistence of the world of “paper documents based governance” and “paperless governance”.
  2. Chart shows, that ex-offo conversion statistics (blue) have peaked in 2012, than clerks learnt how to process documents electronically. On request statistics (grey, on secondary Y axis) show, that citizens’ demand to digitalize paper documents grows.

ROBON® eContracting

Workflow for signing and sending a contractual document to the counterparty via Data Message, processing the Data Message with the counterparty's signature and sending the signed document as a Data Message. Notification, verification of the authority to sign for the organization and validation of the signing certificate with generation of a signature clause for both parties. Both parties use ROBON® eSigning for signature, the signed document in the Data Message can be verified by a third party according to eIDAS regulation as well as the authenticity of the Data Message.

Governance: message and control

Regardless of the type of governance, in the very detail one clerk messages the other clerk a nd wants to be sure the message is delivered and heard.

  • ROBON delivers the message instantly.
  • ROBON makes the sender sure the recipient receives the message.
  • ROBON proves the recipient has opened the message.
  • ROBON disables the recipient to refuse the receipt of message.
  • ROBON brings control over the messaging – brings control over the governance.
  • No mores “It has not arrived yet”, “It might be in the post”, “I have not received your letter, sir”.

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