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A word from the authors

Since 2008, Czech Republic government approached the challenge of smart administration its own way. Within four year the grounds of eGovernment were laid. The “Czech way” which embeds the migration tools from paper to digital world allows the coexistence of paper and digital administration and the transition from one to another.

As we have been privileged to design and build significant part of this successful solution, we can recommend the same approach to anyone who might be concerned.

Since the beginning, Czech eGovernment is built with keeping in mind both computer literate and computer illiterate citizens. Information system of governmental point-of-service places called Czech POINT is rolled on over 7.000 cities, towns, villages, notary public offices, embassies, chamber of commerce offices and Czech Post branches.

In 2009, five years before eIDAS, Czech government implemented Information system of databoxes (Databox System). It does a simple thing, delivers the data message from identified sender to identified recipient in trusted manner. As a matter of fact, Czech Republic effectively complies with the SECTION 7 of eIDAS: Electronic registered delivery services since 2009.

We, at DATASYS, NEWPS.CZ and Software602, have the sole success criterion – number of users using systems we have designed, delivered and maintain. We succeeded with Czech POINT and Databox System, and we are willing to repeat such successful projects with the same success criterion in place again.

Richard Kaucký (Software602), Aleš Kučera (NEWPS.CZ), Miloslav Novák (DATASYS)


DATASYS is a Czech family IT company with nearly 30 years of history. Our main goal with any of our projects is to add value, simplify processes and create a solution that meets all client needs.

We uphold these values in every one of our projects, which span from e-government solutions to streamlining commercial processes. While cybersecurity is our original domain, our portfolio also includes other solutions such as ParcelBoxes, workforce management, or the Crisis Information Centre.


We are specialists in IT processes, digitalization, data protection and secure access. As a technology partner, we are involved in many projects. We have long been a sought-after expert especially in the areas of Identity Management, Information and Event Management and Security Analytics. We maintain not only quality, professionalism, but also innovation potential. We do not want to stand still. We move our customers forward and solve their problems before they arise. Our solutions are compliant with eIDAS, GDPR, cyber-security law and other legislation.


We are changing the way how people work with documents. We are 602®. We are the creators of the legendary T602 text editor, the first archived e-mail, the first XML-signed form documents and the first transaction core in the EU to deliver over a billion legally binding digital documents. Since 1991, we have been developing software to people save time, money and a lot of paper.